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What is an NFT game?

Answering what are NFT games from different aspects 💲 Describing how to play them, what is the role of NFT in gaming, and discussing best NFT games with Btcman

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August 16, 2023

What is an NFT game?

What Is Nft Game

NFT (Non-Fungible Token) gaming is a format of games that utilize blockchain technology and NFTs to enable players to earn rewards and potentially make profits through in-game activities. Thanks to NFTs, which are cryptographically unique tokens, creators of digital art can establish value, ownership, uniqueness, and prevent the sale of counterfeits. What is NFT gaming? It's a play-to-earn game format where players can participate in the game and earn rewards during the gameplay process through the use of blockchain technology.


  • Real profit potential. Upon owning an NFT, you can freely sell it outside the platform.
  • Players can earn income from playing the game from anywhere.


  • Many Play-to-Earn games require initial investments to start playing.
  • Gameplay might lack depth, with limited storylines and weak graphics.
  • Economic instability in the medium and long term.

What does NFT stand for in gaming?

What Does Nft Stand for in Gaming

If you say what does NFT mean in gaming, then it becomes obvious that NFT-objects play a vital role for players, as they can earn us money.

Types of in-game NFT items using Alien Worlds as an example:

  • Land. Players buy or lease land plots for resource extraction.
  • Tools. Used for resource mining and affecting efficiency.
  • Weapons (not present in Alien Worlds). Useful for winning battles in other games.
  • Minions. Assist players in battles and resource extraction.

How do NFT games work

How Do Nft Games Work

NFT games work by integrating virtual game worlds with blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. In a metaverse setting, people can engage in various social and economic interactions within a virtual space. Blockchain enables ownership of digital items in the form of NFTs.

Looking at how NFT games work more specifically, players typically require NFTs (characters, equipment, resources) to participate in game activities. For instance, in Axie Infinity, players need NFT creatures. Players earn SLP tokens in the process, which can be used for creating new creatures, improving old ones, or converting to real-world money. 

This way, users earn in-game currency to upgrade or cash out. NFT games often have two currencies – operational (in-game), earned through gameplay, and "precious," acquired by trading or purchasing. This precious token holds real-world value.

How to play the NFT game

How to Play Nft Game

If you want to learn how to play NFT game effectively, then a simple algorithm is given below for you:

  1. Find games that align with your preferences.
  2. Determine how you'll earn in-game and understand any limitations.
  3. Plan your spending strategy.
  4. Register an account for the chosen game.
  5. Create a cryptocurrency wallet (e.g., MetaMask) to manage in-game transactions and assets.
  6. Purchase in-game items and currency.

Please note that this translation is provided for informational purposes and may need further refinement for precise communication.

What is the best NFT game?

What Is the Best Nft Game

Answering the question of what NFT game is the best should be understood as subjective, as the best NFT game for each person varies based on the gameplay format that interests them or its profitability. Here are examples of games from various genres among which you can find the best one for yourself:

Axie Infinity

The game involves breeding NFT creatures called Axies. These characters can be traded on the in-game marketplace. The more unique features a creature has, the higher its value. To start playing, you need to acquire at least three Axies. These creatures are also used for battles between players, completing in-game tasks, and going on adventures.

Gods Unchained

Gods Unchained is a free-to-play game where players collect cards. The objective is to reduce the opponent's life to zero to win. Victory rewards experience points. Each card can be listed for sale on the in-game marketplace, with GODS tokens being the accepted form of payment.

The Sandbox

The Sandbox is a virtual metaverse where you can own land, create your own games, or play games created by other users. You can navigate this vast virtual world as a creator or simply as a gamer exploring the metaverse. The project uses its own cryptocurrency called Sand.


Illuvium is an exploration-based game where you collect unique creatures called Illuvials. These creatures have distinct abilities that can be enhanced through learning, which increases their value. Players can sell or trade Illuvials on the marketplace along with other NFT items and cultivated materials.


Decentraland allows users to create 3D landscapes from scratch. Users can build anything they desire on their land, from games to online stores. They can even hire others to safeguard their land when they're offline. Decentraland offers an innovative and immersive platform for users to engage in the metaverse.

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