What is staking crypto? Explaining how does staking crypto work for profit

Let's figure it out what does staking crypto mean in all details including what are the best crypto staking platforms, coins, and wallets

What is staking crypto, how does crypto staking work
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April 18, 2023

Crypto staking explained with easy words

Crypto staking is one of the most promising tools for generating passive income. In this case, investor profits from the use of their existing funds to verify transactions on the blockchain network. But to get the best staking crypto profit generation it's important to learn all the features and rules of this investment tool. And to make this preparation process easier for you, this page contains all the information on what does staking crypto mean, how it works, and its pros, cons, or risks.

Also, you can read about the crypto staking calculator and the features for preferring the best cryptocurrency. Based on that information and the staking crypto meaning you can create a successful, sustainable, and effective strategy.


The key reason to choose staking crypto is to be able to generate passive income with any amount of investment experience. Traders whose investment plan does not include selling tokens soon can use them to generate passive revenue.

It's a relatively easy way to get started, and it's easy for a trader to find crypto staking sites. There is an opportunity to choose interesting projects, as well as additional benefits in the form of increased security and high efficiency of blockchain projects. And even if there is some staking crypto tax that should be paid, you still will get lots of excellent benefits. 

Risks of staking crypto

But before finding the best crypto staking platform, investors should learn all the risks of this investment tool, to make the right decision and avoid money loss.

Before investing your tokens, it is important to understand that access to them will be temporarily restricted for the duration of the chosen program. You will not be able to cash them in or exchange them, as there is no guarantee that you will be able to get them before the agreed deadline. Among other risks of staking crypto:

  • The instability of cryptocurrencies (price can drop quickly)
  • Possible losses due to lack of access to the currency for the duration of the program
  • The existence of penalties for validators who commit the wrong action
  • Fees that should be paid by you

So should you try this tool if you know what are the risks of staking crypto? Yes, there are no 100% safe investments in the world, and whatever choice you make, there will always be some risks. Your key challenge as an investor is to learn how to assess the risks involved to choose the most effective staking in crypto investment strategy. And be careful when choosing between crypto lending vs staking, because only the second one can be the best instrument for passive income generation. 

Pros and Cons of staking crypto

So now that you know what is crypto staking it will be much easier to understand all its advantages and disadvantages. In the table below you will find all the main pros and cons of staking crypto, but it is also possible that you can highlight additional features based on your own experience. So here they are:

Pros Cons
Passive income with a less energy-intensive Security is questionable 
Earning rewards is quite easy Lockup periods, with limited access to your crypto
Excellent earning potential Returns will be split and you will need to pay fees
Risks are lower than in traditional trading Centralization is still on the rise
No need to use special equipment  

As you can see you will need not only to understand how does staking crypto work, but also to bear in mind all the advantages and drawbacks. 

How does staking crypto work?

How Does Staking Crypto Work

Do you know what does staking mean in crypto, but still haven't figured out how it works? The main feature of stacking is that an investor's digital assets are not just kept, but used to generate passive income. Its principle is similar to depositing cash in high-yield deposit accounts, where banks lend to their clients using your deposits, charging you some part of the profits made. And investors here will try to find the highest crypto staking rewards to get as much as possible from each coin. 


This is an essential concept to start with as soon as you have studied the information about what is staking crypto. It assumes that such currencies will support a certain rate. Key examples of such cryptocurrencies include Ethereum, Cardano, Solana, and Shiba Inu.

But Proof of Stake is a relatively new mechanism, characterized by the fact that speed and efficiency will actively increase, while fees will simultaneously decrease. As the result, the crypto staking rewards will be higher than before, and investors can generate better profits with the same budget. 

To reduce costs in the best crypto staking, the number of miners involved in solving mathematical problems is reduced. Instead, transaction validation is done with token stakes. The betting function in this case is the same as mining, but the accuracy of the fulfillment and the security of the blockchain depends on traders' decisions. 


For the best crypto staking rewards, an investor should find a reliable validator who will ensure that the program's requirements are met, avoiding penalties. Validators receive a certain reward for participating in the decentralized network, guaranteeing the legitimacy of cryptocurrencies. However, it is advisable to distribute the rate among a few reliable validators with a clean reputation. 

Fees and rewards

Even in the best crypto exchange for staking you will need to pay some fees if that is required by the chosen program. In most cases that will be only a small cut of the best crypto staking rewards (around 2%-5%), but sometimes those fees can be much higher. And it is the same as crypto staking taxes because you need to account for all costs. 

So when you are scouring for the best crypto wallet for staking, then also check the fees and rewards there. The highest crypto staking rewards will help you to get the max from your investments, and they will be calculated based on the terms of the program, and the type of currency. You can also use the staking calculator crypto to plan for future profits.

DeFi vs CEX

If the crypto staking explained well, then you still need to learn about the existing types of this investment tool. And the primary to learn is that you can delegate (when you trust the tokens to existing validators) or validate (you will be responsible for the provision of the new blocks, for example). 

To make the right decision you will need to compare crypto farming vs staking and learn about centralized and decentralized staking. Here are some main features of them that should learn from each investor after staking meaning crypto:

Centralized - the best choice for beginners for which the crypto staking platforms must be reputable. In this case, the asset allocation will be done on behalf of the investor, but the investor does not need to have the special technical knowledge or be actively involved in the management of the bets.

Decentralized - a higher level of security for the bets placed, as well as the ability to control the assets placed to reduce the risk of losing them. But here for the best crypto staking rewards the trader needs to have some technical knowledge!

As you can see, learning what is staking in crypto is only the beginning of your way. Many newcomers are also interested in how the highest crypto staking rewards are generated. The principle is also simple, and the tokens deposited are a guarantee of the correctness of the transactions made during the blockchain verification stage. Adding valid blocks in auto staking crypto will be paid for.

Finding the best crypto staking coins

Finding the Best Crypto Staking Coins

For sure you already want to try to find the best platform for staking crypto, but better to start with the coins selection. And due to the latest statistics here is the TOP 5 best crypto staking coins:

  • Ethereum - the highest apy staking crypto of 4.58%
  • Binance Coin - 2.67%
  • Cardano - 3.19% 
  • Solana - high apy crypto staking is 6.60%
  • Polkadot - 14.34%

These are the best crypto for staking for now, but choose the NO.1 for the profitable investment you will need to take into account the fees, inflation level, market cap, and staked ratio. 

Is staking crypto safe?

There is no such thing as a completely safe investment, and the best crypto staking rates are no exception. There will also be risks involved, as cryptocurrency is not a stable asset. At the same time, if it is staking crypto safe, you can minimize risks by working with reliable validators and building an effective investment strategy. 

Is staking crypto worth it?

The answer to the question is staking crypto worth it is: “Yes!”. This is a promising investment instrument in 2023 as well. Of course, the financial market is unstable, but it is in today's environment that you can maximize the profitability of your investments. Especially since cryptocurrencies have long been an indispensable part of a diversified investment portfolio. But even if is crypto staking safe you still should have a strategy and work only with reliable validators. 

APR vs APY crypto staking

APY and APR interest staking crypto calculator tools for credit and investment products. They determine the amount of investors' profit as well as crypto staking rewards taxes. The key difference between APR vs APY crypto staking is the treatment of compound interest, which will be accounted for in APY but not in APR. APR will include all costs (amount will vary) and APY calculator crypto staking will only show the interest rates (amount will be constant). 

And because of these differences, you should know what is APY in crypto staking, and some principles of their formation. You can also use the APR calculator crypto staking online or do manual calculations. 

Cryptocurrencies you should know about

If you already tested the crypto staking tax calculator, then you can learn more about the currencies that will be the best for your future investments. And here they are:

  • ETH - is one of the most popular, but you will need at least 32 ETH for staking
  • UNI - users can trade it with no centralized third party (23.19% APY)
  • BNB - can be used on Binance exchange, you can get up to 8.69% annually
  • ATOM - was created to enable scaling in the blockchain system (highest yield staking crypto of around 21% annually)

To find the best among these currencies you need always take into account the highest apr crypto staking.

How to choose the best crypto staking platform

How to Choose the Best Crypto Staking Platform

To find the best platform for staking crypto investors will need to analyze different factors, and check the reputation of the selected companies. The same preparation will be to find the best app for staking crypto, and here are some main factors to check:

  • security
  • reputation
  • fees
  • support
  • community
  • rewards

You can use these factors to check the platform, make the right decision and avoid the common mistakes of beginners in such an investment area. 

Use the staking calculator to find the best rewards

To plan future profit you can use the crypto staking apr calculator, which can be found on specialized sites. They will display the amount you can get. They are used to analyze the market and determine the best coin to invest in. Such calculators will help you to make the process of the high yield crypto staking searching really simple. There will also be taken into account the possible fees. 

Be careful with the highest APY

Even if you are sure that you’ve found the crypto staking platform and coins, still, check the APY of the currency one more time. Take into account that the highest APY crypto staking
is not the guarantee of the best marginality. Mostly because there will be inflation and other factors that will affect the marginality. And remember that yes, it is crypto staking taxable.

Make sure you understand the type of staking

Even if it is staking crypto taxable and you chose the best currency, still, pay attention to the selected type. Especially the main differences between the centralized and decentralized options. In the first case, the investor sells your assets to a third party, who will manage all the processes on your behalf, ensuring that your private keys are kept safe. In the second case, the assets are transferred to a pool, but it is you who will keep the private keys.

Crypto staking platform for your attention

When you know how to report crypto staking rewards on taxes and choose the best currency then you can try to find the best platform. And it can surely be a difficult decision, mainly because of the large number of options available. But you can always choose among the TOP platforms such as Aave, Lido, WhiteBit, and Coinbase.

What is the best crypto wallet for staking?

What Is the Best Crypto Wallet for Staking

To find the best crypto wallets for staking you can use the same list as for the platform analysis. You will need to check its security, availability, customer service, and educational resources. Rewards and fees will be the same important here. And remember that not all the currency, so the best wallet that uses the proof-of-stake model. 

Ledger Nano X for full security

Ledger Nano X is the best solution for those looking for a high level of security and reliability. The hardware wallet can be used for crypto staking as well as other transactions in one place. With Ledger and its operating system, you can have simple access to the highest yield staking crypto, while your keys will be stored inside the device.

MetaMask for online mobility

By choosing between yield farming crypto vs staking, you can also use MetaMask for your stakes. But this tool will only be of interest to those who use ETH. This feature is now available thanks to liquid betting providers, Lido and Rocket Pool. Key features include working with portfolio statistics, multi-chain tokens, and NFT balance aggregation with easy access to multiple accounts.

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